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I’d been putting off the decision to buy a new digital camera for quite some time now. I can be lazy like that – I knew my old digital was dying and outside warranty but it was the chore of having to scan through dozens or even hundreds of digital cameras to find a new one didn’t really light a fire under me. The only starting point I really had was that I knew I wanted a brand name digital SLR (DSLR) but I just didn’t know which one.

But it wasn’t long before one particular DSLR caught my attention – the Nikon D3100 DSLR camera. This camera made sense to me on a lot of levels but one of the main ones being that it’s designed for the DSLR beginners just like me so my mind instantly went into research mode so that I could learn everything possible about my new potential purchase. It’s with that in mind that I wound up spending hours checking out Nikon D3100 reviews from any source I could find.

Small Is Beautiful

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Nikon D3100 camera is its distinct lack of bulk – it’s definitely one of the slimmer and lighter DSLR’s you’re going to be able to find. And this isn’t just your imagination either – it’s physically smaller when you hold it and it weighs in at just 1.1 pounds which is a real slim line number for any DSLR. This was the first thing checked off my shopping list – “Must not break my neck or shoulders while I’m carrying it around”. You know how that goes – it feels like no weight at all until you’ve been lugging it around a zoo for 4 hours and then you realize that 4 or 5 pounds is actually quite a bit of weight to have to carry for hours on end.

Feature Rich

This camera offers an awful lot if you’re a first time DSLR owner and is ideal for anyone who’s learning to shoot with a digital SLR for the first time. Here’s just a few of the features that excited me and I’m sure they’ll appeal to you too:

Guided Help

The built in Guide mode can help you do pretty much anything you want to do with this camera in a step-by-step way – if you find yourself struggling a bit to get the results you want.

Megapixel Magic

The Nikon D3100 is a 14.2-megapixel camera and without getting into a whole lot of technical jargon this means that you get very, very high quality photos at the touch of a button. Part of what makes all of this possible is something called the EXPEED2 Image Processing system which is a computer chip makes sure that every snap you take becomes a high quality image that you’ll want to show your friends.

Large Screen

The Nikon D3100 has a large 3.0-inch screen which is very clear but maybe not as high quality as other higher specification and higher priced DSLR’s but that’s to be expected – there’s only so many features you can cram into one camera in fairness. This size screen makes the on-screen image editing far easier to use – so you can alter the images on your camera without having to upload them to your computer first.

Set The Scene

There are six automatic scene modes to help you take those awkward shots without needing a Degree in Digital Photography (if such a thing exists!) So even if you’re the most ham fisted photographer on the planet the D3100 makes taking professional looking snaps easy – or at least your friends will think so.


The split second shutter action on this camera combined with the burst picture mode (3 still images per second) means that you’re never going to miss an important shot again just because your camera couldn’t keep up with what you need it to do. In my own experience there’s nothing more frustrating then pointing your camera at an action shot (like martial arts) that’s happening and hearing the shutter sound that split second too late. Maddening to say the least.

Self Cleaning

There’s a really nice feature on this camera that uses a combination of ultrasonic waves and something called Airflow Control which keeps dust away from the image sensor so you’ll never wind up with those annoying specks on your pictures that you might get with a lesser digital camera.

Going Into Movie Mode

If you’re a fan of taking video clips then you’re not going to be disappointed with this camera. For a DSLR it has some great video features and can capture video in the following modes:

1080p @ 24 fps

720p @ 30/25/24fps

420p @ 24 fps

All you need worry about here is that 1080p means you can record videos in true HD mode for those moments that you want to capture forever. The only potential downside here is that there’s no external MIC input but then if you’re just a DSLR beginner like me then you’re probably not wanting to stage any grand productions that would need professional recording mics. Plus the camera autofocuses while you’re filming to make sure you don’t wind up with any blurry footage.



Is There A Warranty?

The Nikon D3100 camera comes with a 12-month limited warranty that can be extended up to 3-years (at an extra cost) if you wish. This is pretty standard as far as most modern pieces of electronics go.


What Have Other People Got To Say About the Nikon D3100?

There are literally thousands of separate reviews for this camera out there at the moment so the D3100 is definitely doing something right. It’s pretty rare to see one single camera getting so many positive reviews from people who just love their new camera – and that’s one of the things that helped me make by buying decision here - all the positive reviews that I read on Amazon.


What’s the Best Place To Buy The Nikon D3100 camera?

During all the research I did and the reviews of the Nikon D3100 that I spent hours reading Amazon looked to have the best price for this product – usually a whole lot cheaper than any other supplier I could find at least.

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